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Those things in life that annoy me. A shameless list of rants with no cohesive theme other than they tweaked my ire!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good riddance to cheques on the high street

According to a recent news story Boots are refusing to accept cheques in their shops for a month and if this doesn't cause too much of a kerfuffle will extend the ban indefinitely.


There is nothing that annoys me more, at this moment in time, than people paying by cheque in a shop - not via post obviously. Yes i know that the cheque is printed by the machine, most of the time, but the whole guarantee card debacle on the back of the cheque it just unnecessary.

I can already here people whine "If i am running out of cash at the end of the month ic an use a cheque and the extra cheque clearing time makes the money go further". Two things :-
  1. Why should i wait at the convenience of your inability to add up
  2. A debit card transaction is not instant - whilst subject to less envelocity - so try it out!

Now, the thing that really tweaks me, is when the person paying by cheque is using a guarantee card that has emblazoned on it in bright, white letters "Debit card". The action that swipes that card (to print the detials on the back of the cheque) would be the same action to get the pigging transaction done in the first place!

In summary, if you pay by cheque in a shop you are worse than Hitler, or Stalin and if your gurantee card is also a debit card, you deserve to be stoned to death. Twice.